3 Hours from Anywhere

With our move to rural Arkansas – Changin’ the View Redux – we started a new chapter in our lives, one that has taken a completely different and unexpected turn. The transition from a bustling and densely populated city of nearly 1 million souls in Southern Italy to Horseshoe Bend, a sleepy, rural town – population 2,184 – in the Arkansas Ozarks, has been a bit of an adjustment. But, we are just about settled in now and finally, we are getting out and exploring the surrounding area. My latest projects are centered around these excursions, mainly around Arkansas, Southern Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi, all places that you can pretty much reach within 3 hours or so from HSB.

The area is a far cry from Napoli Town, but it has a beauty and charm of it’s own and a deeply layered history I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of. What I’m discovering is not the stark contrasts between the two places but rather the parallels, parallels that can be drawn between the American South and the Italian South.

Changin’ the View Redux

Changin’ the View Redux

One day we were living the dream in Naples, Italy with plans to retire there, the next, all of our belongings were on a slow boat back to the States and we were “leaving on a jet plane”… destination – rural Arkansas.

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