New Deal Post Office Murals


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I don’t remember when or how I first learned about the New Deal Post Office Murals, but as soon as I did, I knew had to set about finding them. For me, it’s an artful treasure hunt and murals and public art are among my favorite types of art to hunt. These murals were commissioned as part of a large scale public art project aimed at employing out of work artists during the Great Depression. A New Deal initiative, the project was managed by the U.S. Treasury Department’s the Section of Painting and Sculpture. In all, some 1,400 works were commissioned and installed in post offices in communities large and small across the country. While many of these murals have been lost to time, those that have survived can be found in situ in the post offices in which they were originally installed, at local museums, I’ve even found one in a hotel. Many have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A bit of an obsession now, I seek them out whenever I travel. Below are the murals I’ve found so far.